OH!Tatoes has perfected the art of freezing fresh Idaho potatoes so you can enjoy delicious, fluffy, and flavorful baked potatoes with minimal effort.

Idaho Potatoes, Done Right

We know how famous Idaho potatoes are. From the soil to your plate, we believe in showing how these potatoes are grown with care and attention to quality.

Group Meals

Perfect for large groups, just heat up a bag and serve it with sides to satisfy everyone at the table.

Date Nights

Date night is made easier with a filling, and satisfying addition to dinner.


A simple and nutritious snack for kids, one they can finish all on their own!

Fully Baked Idaho Potatoes

OH!Tatoes from Mart Produce are the perfect side dish for your next dinner. These frozen baked potatoes have a uniform size, no-waste convenience, and a short cook time so you can whip up delicious meals quickly! High in Vitamin C & Potassium with good sources of Vitamin B6 & Dietary Fiber. FDA approved and SQF certified to ensure quality!

All the Ways to
Upgrade Your Meals

Throw it in the microwave at work

Serve last minute dinner guests

Make quick mashed potatoes

Cook and take it as sports fuel

A fast meal for when you’re tired

A healthy and quick snack for kids